25 Celebrities Who Gained Too Much Weight

2. Mariah Carey
Mariah’s sort of in an awkward phase, she’s in her mid-40’s, 45 to be exact, and it looks like she’s sliding downhill rather fast. It is nearly impossible to keep a coke bottle form when your metabolism isn’t what it used to be. Mariah is also currently on a Vegas residency, could there be a pattern going on here? Mariah went from a Selena-esque body to a more… winter ready body type. We’re sure other issues led to Nick Cannon slowly backed out of their marriage, he couldn’t be that shallow to leave his wife due to physical appearance. At one point Mariah was eating for three, a set of twins and herself included. It’s hard trying to maintain your body, tour, and take care of a set of twins, so we understand her struggles. Supposedly Mariah is on the right track these days and is currently dieting and exercising.