3. Beach Baths on Virgin Gorda

Beach Baths on Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda – the third largest in the British Virgin Islands. You’re unlikely to be disappointed if during a trip on a yacht on the Caribbean do to stop it. You find that you are on a time machine were in the time of Columbus discovered these islands, because there remained the unique nature and unique culture of the local population, not fallen under the influence of European civil society.

Travel to the southern edge of the island and you will see the islands background towering over the sea cliff, the outlines of which are similar to the profile of a woman lying on her side. It is this natural attraction and gave the island the name that came to mind at the sight of Columbus this rock.

Beach Spa – one of the most recognizable landmarks of the island. The thing is that on its coast you can see the unique geological formation, the occurrence of which is related to the volcanic origin of the islands of the Caribbean.