1. Bali
You both love the exotic? Warm ocean, surfing, golden tan and bleached strands of hair? You attract mysteries of ancient temples, yoga, healthy eating, SPA, fruits and kilometers velvet jungle? It’s all waiting for you on the Indonesian island of Bali. Despite the fact that the flight is not cheap, accommodation, food and shopping in Bali is very, very accessible. So, not pretentious hotel in the Kuta area will cost about $ 40 per day. Here it is possible to hold a wedding ceremony on a cliff above the ocean on a frozen rock and make gorgeous photoshoot, make friends with agile monkeys and rafting on mountain rivers in the rice terraces or enjoy a sophisticated spa treatments together with her husband.

2. Italy
In less than 3 hours as a wing of your plane will drop a shadow of the vineyards, chapels, channels, mountains and white beaches. Welcome to Italy! Convertible, developing the wind hair, mountains, sea, ancient architecture, delicious cuisine and wine! Do you like to go to the sea-island, like colorful houses on narrow streets and cozy shining shopping- then choose a tour of the Italian gorodam- Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence is arrange an unforgettable romantic autotravel. You are provided with vivid emotions and no less vivid pictures!

3. UAE
Honeymoon in the fall will be held in the country ideal luxury palaces, and shine! UAE rightly earned the title of Wonderland! Yachts, safaris, gentle Indian Ocean, the dunes, the best amusement parks, skyscrapers, shopping malls, red carpets and camera flashes! Modern Dubai has something to boast about. This 39-storey World Trade Centre and Jumeirah Mosque, faced with sparkling golden stone with intricate carvings, and the world’s only seven-star hotel “Sail”, and in the end, which grew out of nowhere grandiose “palm island”. We believe that a marriage meet, so spend it!

4. Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Old Prague guides you through your warm romantic streets! Its bridges, chapels and squares, red tile roofs and a cozy café terraces create a fantastic atmosphere. Honeymoon in Prague in the autumn will be warm rustling yellow leaves and warm life. There are a lot of artists and photographers, there are frames from which life is built. Take a loved one by the hand and try to get lost in the romantic ancient capital!

5. Thailand
Winter is canceled if you are with your loved clutching a ticket to Boeing that will take you almost to the equator! Who wants to feel cold in their honeymoon? Thailand and its islands are waiting for lovers of researchers to travel about on the quays of tropical islands, drinking coconuts and eat watermelon, to dive headlong into the azure water, ride on elephants, to turn into a chocolate bar on uninhabited islands and meet the most fiery sunsets on coral beaches! Here spend the most romantic wedding ceremony photoshoot and the brightest! Honeymoon in Thailand and impresses with its price, exotic has never been so accessible!

6. Maldives
Honeymoon in the Maldives – is a dream of each, but it did not materialize for everyone! Many people are so afraid to hear the cost of traveling, which is not even interested in vacation in the Maldives. It is in vain! Fly to the Maldives honeymoon is now available for $ 2,500 to conduct a wedding ceremony in the Maldives costs from $ 900 to $ 2,500 depending on the island and the package to hold a photo shoot at the Russian professional photographer from $ 900, a good bottle of champagne will cost $ 25, and the bank piva- $ 5. Admit it, once in a lifetime you can afford truly luxurious honeymoon! A white spit out far into the sea, in a soft flour sand is so nice to go hand in hand with a favorite, just around the turquoise warm sea and endless blue sky. Maldives are created for love!

7. Mexico
Caribbean is the best suited for honeymoon and a treasure hunt! Grab a map and loved and forth – you are waiting for the opening of the ancient Mayan pyramids, stunning beaches, cenote magic, whale sharks that reach 15 meters in length, but feed exclusively on plankton, whales, and other marine life, as well as luxury hotels on the coast! Mexico – is hundreds of kilometers of white sand and turquoise, clean and always warm water, which is headed by the top 5 of the best beaches in the world!

8. France
Romance, proven over centuries, poets and lovers from around the world! France-it is not only the charm of Paris, but also the stunning Provence, fragrant lavender fields, mountains snowy ridges of the Alps, crystal clear mountain lakes, lovely towns of southern France, and the famous Cote d’Azur! Perfect honeymoon in France can be divided into two stages: the hero-lover Paris and journey through the south of France. Refined France will remain in the memory of a sigh of fragrant lavender, hints of French chanson, croissant morning air, the legendary Eiffel Tower, expensive convertibles and exquisite showcases stunning Louvre and the romantic streets of Montmartre.