Amphitheatre Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome was built in 80 AD when the Roman Emperor Titus Flavius ​​of a kind. The building itself was called the Flavian Amphitheatre. The place was chosen for the construction of Domus Aurea, or rather its artificial lake, located in the city of Rome. Construction of buildings only took 8 years.Amphitheatre Colosseum in Rome
The dimensions are impressive buildings. Arena oval platform takes 86 to 54 meters, the entire building is the diameter of the axes 156 and 188 meters, the height of the wall – 48 meters. 80 inputs and 50 thousand people confirmed colossal Flavian Amphitheatre.
The architect was built in Quint atheroma. To build such a huge structure was used slave labor. The construction went on day and night.
The building was erected in the 13-meter concrete foundation, which was carried out in dry lake. Reliable design ensures and frame composed of 80 radial walls and 7 ring.