Hotel Plaza Athenee

H1otel Plaza Athenee is one of the most famous and most beautiful hotels in Paris. Once you see it from the outside, it is clear that it is an amazing hotel. His whole appearance wrapped up winding ivy. He covers the walls and creates a stunning interior. Ivy adds interesting details in the interior. It adds style, color, it creates a close relationship with nature, even in the heart of the bustling city, and this creates a feeling of comfort, even before entering inside.

4The hotel has a very stylish decor. It is an elegant and combines traditional elements with
modern details. Everything looks very majestic and glamorous. And since it’s Paris, the French style is everywhere, in the charming walls, entwined with ivy, in a beautiful red umbrella and amazing video of the Eiffel Tower.

And while you’re here, enjoy a few minutes of rest. You can visit the Plaza in Institut Dior, an amazing French resort, where you are sure to learn a lot. Also, visit cityand all beautiful and famous sights of Paris, and then you can return to the luxurious room and enjoy all again from the balcony. Relax on the terrace, in the courtyard or visit the Plaza Athenee restaurant with a unique French cuisine.3