5. Bay Beach on Providenciales Island Graves

Bay Beach on Providenciales Island Graves
Providenciales Island (tourists call it a “Right”) is the main tourist center of the Turks and Caicos Islands, and it is difficult to believe that in the 60-ies. 20th century, this area in the north-east coast was almost deserted, and here there was not a single car. But if the infrastructure has changed in favor of a civilized society, the natural beauty of the 10-tikilometrovogo Grace Bay Beach has retained its original charm. Beach Grace – an excellent place for a variety of water activities, among which the most popular surfing and diving.

Near the coast there are several coral reefs, which, combined with a rich underwater fauna of the area and the crystal clear waters makes this place especially attractive to divers. In addition, during the winter period (December-April) on Grace beach you can admire the humpback whales.