Death Valley

Dolina-SmertiDo you want to see the alien landscapes, sand dunes and mountains with snow, then you will travel to Death Valley – a desert in the USA, in a place where it is very hot and dry! And it is a national park, where you will find a lot of interesting things, and there are numerous routes laid out for tourists, it will not be bored!Dolina-Smerti-foto

To get to Death Valley easiest way on your own car, or rent. From Las Vegas, is about two hundred kilometers, but it’s worth it! Even the trip to the national park will admire its scenery and simply stunning views, all the roads are quite interesting for its panoramas.

Typically, the tourist season – a winter and spring, at this time the nature of blooms, and the next most hotels booked.Dolina-Smerti-v-SSHA But in the summer the Valley is often alone by tourists, because the daytime temperature in July is held about +46 ° C, cooler at night, of course, if I may say so, the temperature of +31 ° C. But in the summer, the most daring tourists still hesitant to visit the desert and ride at a comfortable car, no air conditioning there is simply nothing to do in this heat would be unbearable. Luckily the park open all year round and you can visit it in any season, come to admire and be surprised by the burning sun!Natsionalnyiy-park-Dolina-Smerti

Probably, many will wonder – “why Death Valley?” The answer is simple, the name speaks for itself, the harsh weather conditions in the form of heat, desert land, but it can be so attracts tourists to this region. Tourists who go to Death Valley National Park, will be in an area of ​​5 sq. M. miles. There Valley, sand dunes, canyons, boulders stones extinct volcanoes, oases and even the mountains in the north with snow, but other than that I had never seen flora and fauna.